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Exams are now looming  and more and more  students are feeling the pressure to achieve their utmost  without too much EXAM STRESS !!!.  Most students especially at leaving Cert level and beyond  will experience higher levels of  stress and anxiety than usual . Using homeopathy at this important time  might make all the difference as  homeopathy can help calm your nerves ! 

If anxiety and stress is already a common occurance  in a student’s life there is no doubt that the prospect of exams will raise stress levels even higher, for some students it can  become totally overwhelming.  It can be an anxious time for everyone including parents who can sometimes feel at a loss as to how to help . 

A well prescribed homeopathic remedy can help support you , calming those exam nerves and easing symptoms of stress and worry.   

  Exam Stress and anxiety 

Long study hours or an inability to get down to study,  anxiety about the exams , anticipation of whats going to come up in the paper , anticipation of what the future holds… and then concentration goes out the window and your’re staring blankly at your notes  and panic about not being able to study sets in . No wonder exams can be so stressful ! 

In my Homeopathic Practice I notice that many students can  experience many physical symptoms that are a direct result of the anxiety felt . Sometimes the student is not aware that it might be the stress and worry over the exams that is causing the physical symptoms.

  • Stomach upset , nausea and diarrohea, nervous stomach.

  • Appetite changes.

  • Frequent headaches ranging from mild to debilitating .

  • Sleep disturbances , poor sleep , Frequent waking ,  restless sleep , insomnia.

  • Skin flare ups – If the student has a history of  a skin  condition  e.g. ezcema , very often these conditions will surface under stress.

  • Fatigue and exhaustion. Inability to think straight.

  • Concentration difficulties , poor focus.

  • Generally if there is an underlying physical complaint this complaint can surface or be excerbated under stress.

Emotional symptoms

 Student’s  confidence   can hit an all time low  around exams and a fear of failing and not making the grade they need can be all consuming . High expectations from themselves and others add to the mounting stress .

Many students become irritable and easily angered , others become withdrawn and distant . Typical emotional symptoms that I see in practice are;

  • Low confidence

  • fear of failure

  • self esteem issues

  • loss of motivation

  • Anticipatory anxiety

  • Panic & Fear

  • irritability /anger

  • low moods

  • withdrawn

  • mood swings

  • Mentally students can suffer from brain fag and  concentration difficulties .

Homeopathic Remedies for  Exam Stress & Anxiety.

There are many remedies used for anxiety and stress . Below is just a brief sample picture of some commonly used homeopathic remedies that may be helpful during exam stress .

Argentum Nitricum

Total nervous dread  would sum up these individuals. Mental exhaustion with a sense of hurry and pressure . confusion and loss of mental contro; under stress . Dreads exams with a fear of failing, of something going wrong  . They can have irrational fears . Fearful and  anxious states  which can be sometimes accompanied by diarrhoea.


People needing this remedy suffer from anticipation before the event. As the exam date gets closer they can literally become paralysed by fear . They have a dread of ordeals , exams and new situations. Helpful for acute anxiety with an exhausted heavy feeling with a mental dullness they may tremble , stutter and literally go blank in the exam . Overexcitement causes illness either emotional or physical.


People needing lycopodium again feel nervous leading up to the exams , they are anxious and worried that they will fail or not do well . This is because their confidence is low and they have a dread of new situations . They tend to feel this anxiety in their stomach and suffer from digestive disturbances  .  They tend to prepare well  for exams because they feel they will not perform well  and despite their doubts  generally do very well on the day.

Self-prescribing is often difficult  and the advice of a health professional trained in homeopathy will always provide the most appropriate treatment and most effective outcome.

Simple Tips to combat Exam Stress

       1.  Feed your brain .

   Try your best to eat well !  less junk food . Eat more nourishing foods,  fish , nuts , healthy vegetables and fruit , nuts and seeds  can be nibbled at your desk . A good fish oil supplement will help feed the brain. Be careful of too much caffeine or too much sugar as it will exhaust your adrenals and you end up feeling more tired . 

    If you’re already anxious too much caffeine will only aggravate your anxiety.

     2.      Take breaks. 

     Do not sit at your desk continually . Take breaks , move around  and stretch . Go outside kick a ball . Research has shown that the brain operates more effectively when its given  short breaks . Physical activity like a quick walk helps the brain operate more effectively. Also breaking up concentration with mundane tasks like emptying the dishwasher, tasks that require very little thought has been proven to increase concentration and help with problem solving , creativity . 

     3. Breathe and relax.   Simple and effective . 

 Practice slow deep breathing for one to two minutes at a time. One slow deep inhalation allowing your tummy to expand as you count to 4 and hold for 7 and  one slow  exhalation for 8 .

  • Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whooshing  sound.

  • Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose counting to 4 .

  • Hold your breath for a count of seven. If you can’t hold for this long just speed everything up . the ratio of 4:7:8 is important .

  • Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

  • This is one breath. Now inhale again and repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths. This is a simple and effective excercise  that can help relax and calm you . Try it ! 

           4.   Sleep 

  • Do not underestimate the power of a good nights sleep on your brain . Studying all hours of the night may not be the best approach when you need a clear head in the morning. 

  •  Try not to drink caffeine after 9pm . Try a herbal night time tea . 

     Have some down time before you go to bed so you don’t go to bed wired . Do some  relaxing breathing .

    Try to keep your phone out of your bed . Switch it off !

    5. Homeopathy can help strengthen your vitality and ability to cope during Exams 

  • Homeopathy can offer you valuable , gentle support  during this stressful period  whether you need help  calming your nerves , helping with your focus and concentration, keeping you well and able to cope at this important  time in your life . 


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