Homeopathy for Hayfever & Allergy relief

Hayfever & Allergies Dublin homeopathy Homeopathy offers relief for hayfever & allergic rhinitis. 

Homeopathy has selective medicines that cover your particular set of hayfever or allergy symptoms . Often a short course of the selected remedy is enough at the beginning of the hayfever season to combat symptoms . Strenghtening your immune system with your constitutional remedy often times will help improve symptoms so that patients notice that they do not suffer to the same degree or indeed do not suffer at all. Remedies generally do not need to be taken continuously and short courses usually suffice . 

 Research has shown conclusively in randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trials that homeopathy is an effective treatment for allergic rhinitis ( Hayfever).  Results showed significant positive changes from baseline to 4 weeks in the homeopathic group compared with the placebo group showing that with homeopathic intervention symptoms were reduced in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis. 


Increase your Immune defence system and decrease your sensitivity to allergens and irritants.

Hayfever is caused by allergies to airborne irritants like grass, tree and flower pollen and mould spores.

Rather than avoiding these irritants homeopathy looks at strengthening your immune defense system so that your immune system becomes less sensitive to these allergens .

In  allergic rhinitis the body over reacts to an even wider range of irritants such as foods e.g. dairy, wheat, red wine,  animal hair like dog or cat hair, feathers, house dust mites .The body over reacts to some or all of of these irritants and produces histamine which can cause the eyes, nose ,ears and throat to be affected . Seasonal rhinitis symptoms are seen in hayfever and depending on your allergy it may be active during the  spring/summer or autumn season whereas perennial rhinitis is commonly linked to the house dust mite and continues throughout the year . 

 Antihistimines & corticosteriods may weaken health with unwanted side effects.  

Many people are weighing up the short term fix against further weakening health and choosing more  natural alternatives for hayfever like homeopathy. Homeopathy is a gentle alternative medicine that is suitable and safe during pregnancy, for babies, children,adults and the elderly, indeed for everyone !

With conventional medicine, common drug treatments such as over the counter antihistimines which can have a short term effect but can have many unwanted side effects especially if they are used continuously.

Antihistamines such as cetirizine (Zirtec) and Loratadine(Claritin) have many common side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, constipation , palpitations and headaches .Chlorphenamine (Pirotin) can cause drowsiness , cardiovascular complaints such as hypotension(lowered blood pressure), tachycardia (fast or irregular heartbeat), problems with memory/concentration,nervousness, restlessness and excitability especially in children just to name a few side- effects .

 Stronger prescription  medications such as corticosteroids which come in sprays, drops and tablets work by suppressing the immune response  and are well known to weaken the immune system overall , other notable side effects are  weight gain and moodchanges.

(to read more on these Drug side effects search http://www.drugs.com/sfx/   )

Allergies & Hayfever ~  ‘My allergies seem to be a thing of the past ‘.  Testimonial 

‘I’ve had allergy problems for years and years.I got hayfever in the summer with  sneezing and  head cold symptoms. A walk in the countryside was just one big sneeze. I also had an allergy to dogs, I couldn’t go near them , my eyes would  stream and swell. My other allergy was dust I’d get sneeze attacks that would last for 10 minutes .This was becoming quite a problem as a lot of the activities I do involve running and being outdoors. My wife was also very keen to get a dog and although I love dogs the reality of a streaming nose and puffy eyes  spelled out misery for me . A friend recommended that I go and see homeopath Pauline O’Reilly and my hayfever  really improved pretty much straight from the start , infact I didn’t get any hayfever  in July at all which is usually my worst month . My sneezing  has calmed down in general and I don’t seem to have any bad bouts of sneezing  that would take me over, the itchy eyes and hayfever symptoms have practically disappeared ! My confidence also  improved which wasn’t something I was expecting !  From that my mood lifted and I do feel happier with myself, with life  and to top it all  we got a dog six months ago! My allergies seem to be a thing of the past . I am really very grateful to Pauline for sorting out my allergies and hayfever, the quality of my life has really improved ‘  !

Anthony Walshe, 34yrs,  Dublin  7               ( Constitutional treatment )

Homeopathy for Hayfever & Allergies Pauline O'Reilly

 Homeopathy provides individual prescribing for Hayfever & Allergies. 

The allergy sufferer experiences his or her symptoms in their own particular way and the homeopath chooses a remedy that matches these symptoms .

Nose symptoms

For most hayfever sufferers  nose symptoms are the most prevalent with a constantly runny nose,the discharges may be bland , itching or burning.  For others there is no discharge  and the symptoms are a stuffed up nose . Sneezing is another common symptom and repeated sneezing can be very tiring and in some cases debilitating. Sense of smell can be affected e.g  no sense of smell or conversely very sensitive to certain smells. 

Tip: Blowing your nose gently is advised as hard blowing of the nose can actually burst the tiny grains of pollen in your nose and cause further irritation.  

Itching & Swelling 

Itching is a common symptom of allergies, some people experience extreme itching of the palate, others suffer with an itching throat or ears  and itching  and possibly streaming eyes is a very common symptom. In more severe cases the lungs are affected and wheezing can result. Allergy symptoms can  commonly  include swelling around the eyes , swelling of the nose and more seriously swelling of the tongue and  throat.  

Tip; When outdoors wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sunlight which can cause headaches and provides a  barrier from pollen.  

Research is also showing that there may be a link to allergy sufferers and a lack of vitamin D, which is made when the skin comes in contact with sunlight . Living in Ireland we are all lacking precious sunshine and when it does shine  most people are wearing sun factor.  Sun factor causes a barrier and vitamin D is no longer being made naturally . Children with lower vitamin D levels were significantly more likely to have severe asthma and several other markers of allergy, according to a study published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.  Include a supplement of vitamin D3 .  

Common Homeopathic Remedies for acute Hayfever 

Here is a brief  sample of some of our commonly used homeopathic remedies  . These are brief descriptions and more indept  information can be be sought using Homeopathic Materia Medicas . There are many more hayfever remedy pictures .  

Allium cepa  

Constant violent sneezing , Burning discharge from nose, sensitive to smell of flowers,  bland discharge from eyes.

Symptoms worse indoors . Light hurts eyes, acrid nasal discharge excoriates the nose or upper lip, headache worse in warm room 


Non stop sneezing, eyes heavy and puffy, watering . Person is exhausted, apethetic and listless. Can feel dizzy and shaky . 


Rapidly developing puffiness and swelling of the eyes and throat . Stinging sensations in eyes and throat . Heat worsens symptoms.


Tickly nose and sneezing but with no discharge , roof of mouth and ears very itchy .


Thick, burning discharge from eyes which are hot and  swollen with red rims, bland discharge from nose. 

Kali Bich

Stuffy nose with a constant desire to blow the nose and blowing the nose does not relieve stuffed-up feeling. 

Self-prescribing is often difficult with homeopathic remedies  and the advice of a health professional trained in homeopathy will always provide the most appropriate treatment and most effective outcome.

When dealing with chronic symptoms i.e. symptoms that return seasonally or symptoms that occur over a long period of time constitutional treatment with a registered homeopath is always advised for long term benefit . 


 If you have any questions on whether homeopathy would be suitable for you or to make an appointment Call Pauline @ 087 6297708 or e mail  me   Contact Dublin Homeopathy  

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