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Pauline O’Reilly Lic BSHom, ISHom is an experienced, licensed and registered homeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths, the regulatory organization who set and maintain standards for professional homeopaths in Ireland.

Pauline has twenty one years experience in Professional Homeopathic  practice, Pauline’s clinic Dublin Homeopathy is located in Morrison Chambers on Nassau street opposite Trinity college in Dublin’s city centre .
She trained at the Burren School of Homeopathy in a four year professional training program under the guidance  of the  school’s director Nuala Eising along with wonderful world class teachers such as Sudir Baldota , Ann Irwin, Janet Snowden , Mischa Norland ,David Mundy, Mike Bridger, Bill Rumble  to name a few . She qualified in 1999. She then did a two year registration programme with the Irish society of Homeopaths . Since then she has been taught by many great teachers inluding Jan Scholten and Divya Chabbra  and continues to further her knowledge of homeopathy with study and seminars. Pauline is a supervisor for third and fourth year students of the Irish School Of Homeopathy in Dublin.

” In my former life I was an illustrator and teacher and involved in all things artistic. After a particularly stressful period in my life I became quite ill from stress , I was at a loss on how to get better. I was getting worse and worse and then a friend suggested trying homeopathy, I had never heard of it but was willing to give anything a go at that stage .Very quickly within a month homeopathy had restored me back to myself, in fact I felt better than I had in years. I was completely amazed at how quickly and gently it helped me and  the fact that I also felt emotionally better astounded me and  so I began  reading everything about it. I have  always been  interested in people and health and especially the mind and what makes people tick. I was always one of those people that friends and strangers alike would just pour their hearts out to. I started my four year training and it made such sense to me and excited me more than anything I had ever learned about . It just clicked for me , the subject is so vast that I am  constantly interested and constantly learning . I have never looked back ! 

The very nature of things is at the heart of homeopathy , there is an  art to  being present with someone, to hear what is really going on and to find the remedy that corresponds to the very nature of  that  person is an art in itself . I find it a deep honour to hear people’s stories and  to witness their journey back to health gives me immense job satisfaction.  

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As a registered member of the Irish Society of homeopaths I am committed to a programme of Continuing Professional Development.

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