Dublin Homeopathy What happens during your homeopathic Consultation ?

The homeopathic consultation is a talking/listening consultation. It is completely confidential and non judgemental. 

If you have a chronic or frequently recurring complaint you begin by giving me a detailed description of what is troubling you. It is not enough to just name the complaint but to describe what makes it better or worse, type of pain etc. The detail can be very important in bringing out the individual symptoms and lead the homeopath to the appropriate remedy. Noticing if there are any changes in yourself (mood, worries, sleep, appetite, body temperature etc.) since the start of the complaint can also be very helpful. Previous medical history and family medical history are also taken into account. Symptoms which you may think irrelevant or unimportant may be of great value and lead the homeopath to the correct remedy. The aim is to get an overview , not only of your complaint but also of you as an individual.

The first consultation usually lasts  around 1hr 30mins.

This holistic way of treating the person can be very satisfying as patients get to express all aspects of themselves both physically and emotionally.

The homeopath is interested in you as a person , to be listened to and given the space to express what is going on for you can in itself be very therapeutic.

How many times have you been to the doctor and only when you left thought to yourself that maybe you should’ve mentioned your knee or that you have been feeling down but left it unsaid? Time is a factor in this and as a homeopathic consultation can last around 1hr 30 minutes for first consultation there is the time to listen and understand where the person is coming from and what is troubling them.

When remedies are well chosen mirroring the individuals symptoms the overall sense of well-being can be really apparent.

Your health benefits alone from being given the space to speak freely and be listened to in a non judgemental setting ~ coupled with a well prescribed homeopathic remedy and you will hopefully be  moving onwards and upwards.  

Follow up consultations

The follow up is usually scheduled for 4 -6 weeks after the initial consultation and usually lasts an hour.

During the follow up the I  can assess the progress of the patient and the improvements that have taken place , the remedy dosage and potency will be assessed and adjustments will be made accordingly  to ensure all healing is going in the right direction.

Appointments will be reduced to every 2 to 3 months reducing as improvements continue . Many people return once or twice a year once their initial complaint is resolved to keep their health and well- being in check.



 Cost of  Homeopathic Consultations


First Consultation €110       1 hr 30mins.

Follow ups  €70  1 hr 

Remedies are additional to consultation  fee and vary from  €5 to €30 depending on what is required.

Babies , Children & Teenagers      

First consultation  €90     1 hr + 

 Follow ups        €70     1 hr 

Remedies are additional and vary from  €5 to €30 depending on what is required

Student discounts available.

€90 first consultation and €65 follow ups. 

Remedies are additional and vary from  €5 to €30

Skype or phone consultations can  be arranged at a time convenient to us both .

Costs are the same as clinic consultations.

 Clinic Times 

9am to 4.30pm – Monday to Friday

Home Visits ~Home visits can be arranged , costs will be kept reasonable but may vary depending on distance and time involved.

Health Insurance rebates 

Homeopathic treatment with a Registered Homeopath is eligible for reimbursement with the following insurance companies . Please check your own personal policy for details and do not rely on reimbursement examples given below .  Figures are based on information aquired April 2016.  

 Laya Healthcare  

Laya healthcare will reimburse a portion of the costs depending on your policy e.g. Laya healthcare does have policies that can  reimburse up to 50% of the cost of the consultation for  up to 12 visits a year depending on your policy. Refer to your own policy for details .  

Refer to your own policy for details .  

Aviva (Hibernian Healthcare)

Under certain health care plans Aviva offers between €25 to €40 per visit for up to three visits/twelve visits a year depending on your plan . Refer to your own  policy for details. 

Saturday Hospital Fund (HSF)

Saturday hospital fund (HSF) covers half the cost of treatment up to a maximum of between €130 and €780 depending on your treatment plan. Refer to your policy for details. 

GLO Health 

 Glo health can  reimburse you €25 per visit up to seven visits in the year depending on your policy . 


Unfortunately at the  time of writing this (April 2016 )  VHI do not cover homeopathy but hopefully this will change as more customers decide to choose health Insurers who do cover homeopathy. If you are currently have VHI cover and would like to have homeopathy included  as one of your healthcare options it would help if you signed this petition below. 

Be sure to check with your own health insurance provider to be sure you avail of all your entitlements.

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