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 Homeopathy for men   In one study of 6,544 patients making 23,000 visits to homeopaths over a six year period  70% of patients reported positive health changes.

In general today men are leading ever increasing stressful lives, pressure from work and family often lead to a variety of physical and emotional complaints that more than often are neglected, indeed many men suffer in silence . Homeopathy for men covers both the physical and the emotional aspects of the person and  can be highly effective in dealing with recurring complaints especially as ‘stress’ is a major factor in causing ill health in  men’s lives these days.

The word “stress” usually implies a purely mental reaction but research has shown that virtually every part of the body is involved.

 The stress that men experience needs to be addressed along with their physical complaints in order to restore health . Many men traditionally feel they cannot show weakness and this can inhibit men from being open about how stressed out they feel or how fearful they may feel for their health  . Having the space and time to talk things out in the open, in a non-judgemental setting  can be of lasting benefit and together with a well prescribed remedy many patients claim to feeling much more able to manage their stress and to feeling better and calmer in themselves than they have been in years  . 

 ” my  response to everything was great , I wasn’t uptight about anything , I really would have to  go back a long way to have that feeling of ease  like  when I was a teenager ! I am responding to situations much better, I’m more interested in life ,  the improvement in my sleep must be part of it  and the fact that I am not getting up so many times a night with my bladder. ” Male  74 years  

 Common male conditions that may benefit from homeopathic treatment  

  • Stressed out

  • Digestive complaints,

  • Migraines,

  • Skin disorders, ezcema 

  •  Prostrate problems

  • Sinusitis

  • Hayfever

  • Urinary complaints

  • Impotence

  • Fertility issues, low sperm count 

  • Circulation problems

  • Irritability

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleep problems

    A study of 500 patients with respiratory tract complaints treated by 30 practitioners in four countries showed a response rate of 82.6% in the homeopathy group compared to 67.3% in the group receiving conventional medicine.

       A trial of 45 sub-fertile men showed that homeopathy improved the number and quality of sperm .

          ( Research compiled by the Irish Society of Homeopaths )      


Recurrent Prostatitis    “symptoms never re-occurred and it was such a relief..”

        ” After 4 years without a homeopathic consultation since moving to Dublin, I attended Pauline because of a recurrent Prostatitis that was treated previously with antibiotics but had recurred within 6 months. I found myself very comfortable at my first consultation,where I was able to take my time to talk to her about my symptoms and other health history. She prescribed some homeopathic medicine and some drops and after the second consultation the prostatitis was gone, the symptoms never re-occurred and it was such a relief. I’ve done Homeopathy since I was 10 years old and I can say that Pauline is a 100% reliable Homeopath.”

Ignacio, 34yrs                      

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