What can homeopathy treat ?

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“One in four EU citizens uses homeopathy. The world Health Organization recognises homeopathy as one of the top complementary medicines worldwide. Studies show 70% of people reporting positive health changes after homeopathic treatment, even where conventional treatment has had little effect.”

BMC Public Health 2004, 4:6, NHS report on Homeopathy, ISBN 1901262006 & 1901262014


What can Homeopathy treat ?

Your Physical Health

In general today men and women and indeed young people are leading ever increasing stressful lives, pressures from work, school and family often lead to a variety of physical and emotional complaints that should be addressed sooner rather than later .

It is all too easy for acute complaints to become chronic complaints . “Stress “- the word implies a purely mental reaction, but research has shown that virtually every part of the body is involved when one is stressed . 

Homeopathy  treats a wide variety of acute and chronic symptoms, here are some examples of illnesses that people have sought homeopathy treatment for and have reported an improvement in their condition after using homeopathy. This is not a definitive list and many more conditions and symptoms may benefit from homeopathic treatment .

  •  Acne,  Abscesses , Allergies , Arthritis , Asthma

  • Eczema,otitis media ( ear infections) 

  • Colds, cold sores,  Coughs, chest infections,

  • Childhood complaints bedwetting, teething, reflux, constant colds, eczema, 

  • Digestive disturbances,bloating, indigestion, heartburn, reflux.

  • Irritable bowel (IBS) , constipation, diarrahoea

  •  Fatigue, Fever, Flu, fertility issues , facial neuralgia , 

  • Glue ear, ear infections 

  • Hayfever, Headaches & Migraine ,  Hormonal disturbances, Hot flashes,

  • IBS ( bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhoea, food cravings and sensitivities),

  • Injuries, aches and pains

  • Sports Injuries e.g. tendonitis, sprains and strains from injury or overuse. homeopathic remedies can help speed up healing in fractures. 

  • Joint problems , rheumatism , artritis,

  • Sinusitis,  

  • Throat infections, tonsilitis, laryngitis,

  • Skin problems 

  • Sleep problems

  • Urinary compaints , cystitis. 

  • Warts, verruccas . 

  • weak immune system

  • Many people report an improvement in their resistance to infection and a  strengthened immune system,  that their once common infections ( colds, chest ,ear, sinusitis , throat ) are much less frequent.

      Homeopathy for Stress & Anxiety

    Stress & anxiety can often times be helped simply and effectively by a well prescribed homeopathic remedy.

    There can be times in our lives when we suffer from life’s knocks and this can lead us into feeling down and upset, worries and anxieties can take over. We can be at the mercy of our emotions. We can have the misfortune to suffer from grief and heartbreak ,violence , deception  tragedy and loss .  A person can be left bereft and devastated and at a loss to know what to do . Many resist the idea of prescription medication and don’t want to go down that road .

    For others who may already be on medication when they come to the homeopath and are finding that they are still not feeling well, homeopathic medicines can be easily used whilst continuing on their prescription medication .Many patients of homeopathy have reported a reduction in their emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger and resentment,fear and panic – attacks, behavioural problems and concentration and sleeping difficulties.

    I have a particular interest in mental health and have a wealth of experience treating stress, anxiety and depression . Homeopathy can be the answer for many people  feeling back to themselves again and indeed in many cases feeling better and calmer than they have ever felt! I have seen this time and time again in my practice. This aspect of my work I find an honour to witness, it is extremely satisfying to see the change in people , to see their anxieties lift and their confidence grow, to see stress diminish and be replaced by a feeling of calmness and strength.

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Does homeopathy work alongside prescription medication ?

Yes homeopathic remedies  can be taken alongside your prescription medication but you must tell your homeopath as the dosage and potency of your remedy will be tailored to accommodate your prescription  .Generally if I am working with someone on medication we work in consultation with their GP and only with improvement is the dosage of prescription drugs gently reduced.

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