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Cost of Consultations


First Consultation  € 110     (1hr 30mins )     

 Follow ups      €70        (1 hr )

Remedies are an additional cost  and vary depending on what is needed, generally from  €5 to €30 for all clients.

Babies, Children & Teenagers 

First consultation (1mth to 13yrs )   €90  1 hr  

 Follow ups    €65.       45 mins to 1 hr.

Remedies are an additional cost and vary depending on what is needed from  €5 to €30 for all clients.

If you wish for more than one child in your family to be treated a 10% family discount will apply.

 Student discounts

 €90 First consultation. €65 follow-ups.

Remedies are an additional cost and vary depending on what is needed from  €5 to €25 for all clients.

Zoom, Whats app ,Skype or phone consultations

These can  be arranged at a time convenient to us both .Costs are the same as clinic consultations.

 Appointment Reschedule or cancellations

If you need to reschedule your appointment I would appreciate at least 48hrs notice. €40 will be charged if appointment is cancelled within 24 hrs of your consultation time.  

Health Insurance rebates 

Homeopathic treatment with a Registered Homeopath is eligible for reimbursement with the following insurance companies .

Please check your own personal policy for details and do not rely on reimbursement examples given below .  Figures are based on information aquired April 2016.  

 Laya Healthcare  

Laya healthcare does have policies that can  reimburse up to 50% of the cost of the consultation for  up to 12 visits a year depending on your policy. Refer to your own policy for details .  

GLO Health 

 Glo health can  reimburse you €25 per visit up to seven visits in the year depending on your policy . 

Aviva (Hibernian Healthcare)

Under certain health care plans Aviva offers between €25 to €40 per visit for up to three visits/twelve visits a year depending on your plan . Refer to your own  policy for details. 

Saturday Hospital Fund (HSF)

Saturday hospital fund (HSF) covers half the cost of treatment up to a maximum of between €130 and €780 depending on your treatment plan. Refer to your policy for details. 


Unfortunately at the  time of writing this (April 2016 )  VHI do not cover homeopathy but hopefully this will change as more customers decide to choose health Insurers who do cover homeopathy in their health plans . If you currently have VHI cover and would like to have homeopathy included  as one of your healthcare options it would be helpful if you signed this petition below. 

Be sure to check with your own health insurance provider to be sure you avail of all your entitlements.

For an appointment with Pauline please call 087 6297708 or email Pauline  CONTACT 


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