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Hormone balance is essential for your optimum health. When your  hormones are not balanced many hormonal related  and fertility problems ensue. Homeopathy can be a valuable tool in assisting  hormone balance at every stage of a woman’s life from problem periods, fertility problems and problems at menopause. In short homeopathy can be of great  benefit to women’s emotional, mental and physical well-being .

Period Problems

Period problems can vary from distressingly painful periods, irregular periods to an absence of  periods, fibroids, cysts etc. Pre- menstrual tension (PMT) can cause  great distress and utterly  alter a woman’s physical and emotional well-being and research has shown that women can benfit from the use of homeopathy to allieviate PMT. Many women can suffer half their cycle which is in truth half their lives and find themselves at the mercy of their periods and the emotions that ensue . This really doesn’t need to be the case as homeopathy can greatly assist women with balancing their hormones, establishing regular periods,easing pain and calming emotions . 

Research into PMS 

‘Randomised controlled double-blind clinical trials have shown Homeopathy to be helpful for PMS@ British Homeopath Journal  2001 Jul (3) 148-153 & Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health care 2003 Jan 29 (1):6-7 

Fertility Issues                  I became pregnant within two cycles “

Many women are using homeopathy for hormone balance and to help raise their natural  fertility levels  . Your hormonal Balance can directly affect your fertility.  More and more women have issues around fertility and conception these days , hormonal imbalances , polycystic ovaries (PCOS), endometriosis and STI’s may have their part to play in difficulty conceiving or difficulties holding on to a pregnancy. Stress and anxiety can play havoc with hormones depleting cortisol reserves and eating into  progesterone levels , ironically the stress of trying to conceive can sometimes be enough to prevent conception occuring . It is essential that progesterone levels stay nice and high as progesterone is essential to maintain  pregnancy . If you’re pregnent and feeling stressed a well prescribed remedy can support women during this time  easing stress  and enabling them to feel more relaxed and back to themselves.

Homeopathy can be used alone or in conjunction with other fertility treatments. It is a  safe and non-invasive  using  carefully selected homeopathic remedies that work  simply as  a natural  fertility aid  to boost your fertility levels  and ease the emotional and mental strain for couples trying for a baby .

Homeopathy Fertility Program  

 In  many of my cases where there is difficulty conceiving a baby  help is needed to regulate ovulation.  If a woman has not been ovulating regularly it may be  due to  a previous history of the contraceptive pill or polycystic ovaries (PCOS) . Especially in  these cases  I use a specific fertility program of  homeopathic remedies. These remedies will help increase the  likelihood of ovulation whilst also improving mucus quality and  female reproductive health  overall. As some of these remedies help to reduce toxicity in the body and at the same time help to make the whole process as gentle as possible on the body. This natural  fertility program has been successful in many of my fertility cases with successful conceptions and pregnancies  not to mention delighted parents and yummy babies !  This fertility program can help increase your overall health and likelihood of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy in a gentle , simple and non-invasive way .  Homeopathy is also complemenatry to IVF treatment  . 

See Testimonials 

Research has shown that homeopathy can be beneficial for helping with the wide range of fertility problems.
57% of women in a homeopathy trial on fertility disorders reported positive results . In another trial on sperm quality – a trial of 45 sub-fertile men showed that homeopathy improved the number and quality of sperm .

( Research compiled by the Irish Society of Homeopaths )

Homeopathy during Pregnancy ~  Safe & Gentle for mother & baby

  My morning sickness has subsided and I have much more energy “.    

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Emotional and physical changes abound yet for the most part pregnant women end up putting up with the common ailments/discomforts  as most conventional medications are not permitted during pregnancy as the side effects of conventional medications can be harmful to the babies development .

In pregnancy homeopathy can be invaluable as it is safe and gentle during pregnancy . It can be the first time for many women that they experience the gentle power of homeopathy. Common ailments such as morning sickness , heartburn, backache , constipation , and trapped nerve can all be treated effectively and most respond to a dose or two of the right remedy .

Ailments which are not confined to pregnancy but which are present during pregnancy can also be treated with homeopathic remedies safely . During labour there are many remedies that can help e.g slow dilation, pain and exhaustion. I can talk you through these remedies with you and your birth partner prior to the birth and with the aid of a ‘childbirth Homeopathy kit’  these remedies can help you during and after the birth .

Post Labour remedy help 

The remedies are especially helpful  after labour with healing , bruising and breastfeeding problems such as too little/ too much milk ,  mastitis , exhaustion , sleep problems and other  common emotional symptoms  such as shock, mental exhaustion , baby blues , feeling down  or generally not feeling yourself  since giving birth , a well prescribed remedy can get you back on track and help to start your life with your new baby on the right foot .  


‘ My hot flushes are no longer a daily occurrance ‘

The menopause is a natural cycle in a woman’s life . It is not a disease but for some women the menoopause can bring a host of unwanted and troublesome symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and mood- swings . Many women do not want to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because of unwanted side-effects and indeed many have been instructed by their GP not to take HRT due to their personal or family medical history . Alongside good nutrition homeopathy can bring a much needed balance both emotionally and physically to women in and around the time of menopause .

” In a study of 102 patients 81.4% reported improvements in symptoms with homeopathy. They were treated for an average of five months each for hot flushes, sweats, tiredness, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, mood swings and headaches. A total of 88% reported clinical improvement in their symptoms “

( Research ; Journal of the  British Menopause Society Vol 11, #2 June 2005 )

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