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‘Reliable and insightful Homeopathic practitioner ‘

Pauline O’Reilly has been my homeopath for the last 4 years. I have found her at all times to be very caring and gentle while also very efficient and thorough as a homeopath. My health and wellbeing have improved significantly under her care, physically and emotionally. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a considerate, reliable, insightful Homeopathic practitioner.

Siobhain D.   Co. Dublin

Extremely emotional,anxious & depressed with  underactive thyroid.. ‘I could see myself improving and getting stronger with each visit..I cannot praise Pauline highly enough ‘..

Everybody needs Pauline in their lives !

I was introduced to Pauline O’Reilly and homeopathy after experiencing a traumatic life changing set of events that ultimately led me to leaving my job after thirty years .

Looking back on things now, I was extremely emotional, anxious and was in a very sad and depressed place. From the minute I sat her office back in 2017 , she put me at ease and I totally placed myself in her hands and I am so glad I did. We immediately got to work and our chat flowed easily and before I knew it a couple of hours had passed. That day I left Pauline’s office feeling a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and confident in the knowledge that Pauline had the ability to “fix me” and was going to work through this awful stage in my life with me. The combination of remedies Pauline prescribed worked each time and I could see myself improving and getting stronger with each visit.

I have continued since then to visit Pauline regularly and I have her treat me for an underactive thyroid, hayfever and many more ailments that have arisen throughout the years. 

I cannot praise Pauline highly enough for her wealth of knowledge,her professionalism,her kind empathetic and caring demeanor. I was so lucky to have been introduced to her and I in turn want to pass my good fortune onto you. You will never look back !

Catherine D, 53yrs, Dublin . 

Periods of Depression & Anxiety’~ ‘Great Progress within myself..forever grateful..’

I am very grateful for the changes I have experienced in Pauline’s care. For years I struggled with periods of depression and anxiety and found little relief in the traditional approach. With Homeopathy, I have seen much improvement, I have made great progress within myself and I feel that Homeopathy was key in the changes I’ve experienced. I’ll be forever grateful for this journey and Pauline’s kind assistance in helping me find a more authentic way of living.

I highly recommend Pauline’s Homeopathic practice if you are seeking a path to wellness.

Cristine Merino, 50’s, Dublin

‘Feeling worthless, burnt out and incredibly lost..  – I came out the other side with self belief.’ 

When I initially contacted Pauline I was verging on taking anti-anxiety medication.  I felt very strongly that this medication was not going to cure things for me despite my doctor feeling medication was an answer.  Despite feeling worthless, burnt out and incredibly lost, I felt there were other (better) options for me. 

Pauline had come recommended a year previous by a colleague who raved about her.  I didn’t go to see her then, but when I was ready I booked a consultation.  It definitely didn’t happen overnight; it took various remedies, consultations and lots of tissues, which Pauline kindly provided.  And it was worth every painful chat and every penny.  Pauline is an incredible person – the ultimate example of someone who is amazing at her job.  She is down to earth, empathetic and wasn’t phased by the things which I confided in her.  I have seen Pauline a number of times over the past ten months and I have come out the other side a new version of myself.  I am a cynic in many ways, however I am also a huge believer in the power of homeopathy.  My time with Pauline saved me from what I fundamentally believe was not for me; being medicated.  Alongside the support of Pauline and her remedies, I came out the other side with self belief.  I am forever grateful. 

O. F. Dublin 

Eczema          ~  ‘completely healed’

“Two years ago I suffered dreadful eczema on both ears.  My ears looked so unsightly due to flaking, bleeding and itchiness – luckily I had a hairstyle which covered my ears. This eczema caused me huge discomfort and eventually  I visited Pauline O’Reilly – a homeopath in Dublin . Initially she took a detailed report of my medical history, lifetstyle etc. She prescribed homeopathic drops and after about three visits I noticed a huge improvement in the condition. I am now very happy to report that the ezcema has completely healed and I have not had a recurrence of the eczema”.

   Ann S . Mid  50’s , Dublin  8

Fertility Boost             ” I became pregnant within two cycles “. 

I have endometriosis, a disease which is often the cause of infertility in women. Everywhere around me , there seemed to be this assumption that I would not be able to get pregnant naturally, if at all. Due to the endometriosis I had to have a laparoscopy to remove an ovarian cyst and severe adhesions in my abdomen. I had hardly woken up from the anaesthetics when this word “INFERTILITY ” was at my bedside again . A person from my doctors team came to my bed and asked me did I want to have a family. At this stage I was on Morphine and hardly knew what was happening but managed to answer ‘yes, I would like to have a family’. I was then promptly told if I wasn’t pregnant in six months I should go to the Rotunda for fertility treatment . And that was it , I got no further support. But I never went to the Rotunda in the end . I had been going to Pauline throughout my illness and received homeopathic remedies , which I found very good. I hadn’t any experience of homeopathy before and I liked the approach that is taken, it just makes sense to me that how you are feeling and what is happening in your life is also taken into account for the treatment. After my laparoscopy I went to Pauline to boost my fertility and she treated me with a course of homeopathic remedies specifically for enhancing fertility. I became pregnant within two cycles and today I have a beautiful son! During my illness and later my pregnancy I found Pauline really supportive. Around the birth of my son and for the first weeks of his life she showed fantastic support when it was really needed “.

Female mid 30s, Dublin 8  . 

PCOS ( polycystic Ovaries) –  Fertility issues .    “A beautiful baby girl “

When I started college I had no periods for 4 months  and my periods were always very light and I never knew when they would come , there was nothing regular about them .So I was put on the  contraceptive pill Dianet and then later Yasmin , that was the GP’s solution . Thirteen years later I came off the pill to be faced with almost absent periods and several large cysts which burst very painfully , I never knew when my period was due , it might be 60 days or 40 days there was no pattern and when it arrived it was hardly there so I was feeling quite hopeless about ever getting pregnant . I was diagnosed with PCOS ( poly- cystic ovaries ) and told my chances of pregnancy were quite limited. This is a very hard thing to hear . Coupled with that I was suffering from a rising panic and becoming anxious on a daily basis.

A friend recommended Pauline O’Reilly as a homeopath  and Pauline  took it upon herself to try an establish a healthy, regular menstrual cycle first ( when I never ever had one ) and then tackle the fertility issue . She also  gave me remedies to help with the side effects of being on the pill for 13years. Within 3 to 4 months I was now having regular periods of around 33 days . I remember my excitement in telling her I had had my first period that was 5 days long ! I was feeling healthier than I had ever felt .  Pauline gave me very sound and straight talking advice around ovulation and put me on her fertility program of remedies , that was in March and I was pregnant by August! . I am so thankful to have found Pauline , She is a wonderful person and homeopath and supported me with remedies for anxiety  throughout my pregnancy as I was so fearful of losing the baby and with remedies after the labour and to help with breastfeeding . We now have a beautiful baby girl and I know she may not be here but for the help of Pauline . I cannot recommend her highly enough .

Laura S  35yrs , Dublin 6.  

Molluscum Contagiosum- Warts in clusters          ” the warts were gone “. 

“My daughter (11yrs) developed Molluscum Contagiosum which are wart like spots which appear in clusters and are caused by a viral infection of the skin.  They are very contagious and spread from person to person by touching the affected area or sharing contaminated objects like towels.  After two visits to the GP over a six month period with no success and further spreading of the warts (only to be told that it could take up to 18 months and more to clear) I decided to go down the Homeopathy route (This was my first time trying this method of alternative medicine). I met with Pauline who was very professional , reassuring  and sensitive to my daughter,  after assessing my daughter Pauline recommended a Homeopathic Medicine which my daughter took daily simply by adding two drops of the remedy to a glass of water.

Gradually we saw an improvement in the warts they seem to be dying off and after a second course of the remedy the warts were gone with minor blemishes left behind after eight weeks .  These continued to fade with time.  Overall we were delighted with the results and would highly recommend Pauline as a Homeopath.

 From One very happy Mum and an even happier daughter”! Dublin 7

Warts ~ ” Her remedy worked in just three weeks ” !

I had 3 warts on right hand for a long time and one on my left hand, then another wart started growing in my nostril 9 months ago. I went to my GP and they couldn’t offer any solution to my problem. I went to Homeopath Pauline O’Reilly to see if she could help and the remedy completely worked on all my warts and I couldn’t thank her any more !!  I’m absolutely delighted that they’re gone and I couldn’t have done it without her help! Her remedy worked in just three weeks and for the record 4 months later they’re still gone ! Thanks again ! 

Michelle , 21yrs 

Baby Eczema       “cleared his skin completely”

“I brought my 7mth baby boy who was suffering from eczema to Pauline O’Reilly, it was particularly bad on his face and legs, his sleep was poor as the itch woke him up at night. He was quite miserable  and clingy with it. The homeopathic remedy Pauline gave him cleared his skin completely ! He is less dependent on me during the day and now we are all getting a proper nights sleep! Homeopathy really is wonderful and Pauline is great with children!”

LD , Baby boy, 7 mths,  Dublin 4


Stress, Lack of Self Confidence, Grief and Heartache.   ” Life-changing and life enhancing “.

How homeopathy has contributed to my well being now is HUGE. I have been visiting Pauline, my homoeopath, for over five years now and homeopathy and Pauline combined have been a life changing and life enhancing combination.On a physical level, this blend has treated superficial ailments from colds & coughs to more significant complaints, such as ankle and stomach pain. Emotionally, homeopathy has calmed me in times of great stress, boosted my confidence in times of insecurity and helped me let go of momentous events in my life, as well clearing trauma and improving relationships. Mentally, it has soothed negativity and restored positive thoughts, words and actions throughout my life. Words can not capture the true depth of homeopathy’s influence and effect on my life…it’s helped me through thick and thin and Pauline has travelled that journey with me, which I will be forever grateful for. Homeopathy assisted the clearing of certain childhood issues, helped the resolution of some influential relationships, and restored emotional balance in times of grief and heartache. It even became a very valuable aid while travelling, treating dehydration, malaria and fever. The use and treatment of homeopathy is has no prejudice and is still evolving.

By choosing homeopathy treatment with Pauline , you are not only selecting something natural and in tune with your innate course of healing, you are choosing to peel the layers of unnecessary patterns of physical, mental and emotional pain and negativity, restoring you to your true self, health and well being. Enjoy the journey, it’s a fascinating one! I highly recommend  Pauline !!  

 H.S. Female 30’s , Dublin.

High Anxiety & Panic attacks          ” Nothing short of life -changing ..” 

“When I came to homeopathy I had a number of health complaints, the most debilitating of them being high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. This is something I have suffered from over many years, and have attempted to treat with conventional medicine. The remedy Pauline gave me was nothing short of life-changing. I was finding getting up in the morning daunting and terrifying, and had no social life or life outside getting from one day to the next. The remedy didnt change me, rather allowed me to become more of who I am and to fully accept myself. I gradually began to see my fears fade until they just weren’t there anymore. Within a few months I had moved to a beautiful new home, made a few new friends, had more motivation in work than ever, and had even booked a trip to India (considering I could barely go into town 2 months ago that is a miracle!). I’ve had such amazing results with homeopathy and the time Pauline takes with you is invaluable, and has helped me to overcome a serious and debilitating problem completely and more fully than ever before.”

Female late 20’s, Dublin 7

Teenage depression   “I have my wonderful, happy, confident son back from the brink..”

” When my son turned 18 last year I noticed a big change in his behaviour, he didn’t seem to be happy in himself. My mother’s intuition told me that something just wasn’t right, so I did a some investigating and snooping , as I was becoming concerned about his welfare. To cut a long story short I found out that he was smoking a lot of weed (marijuana) and under peer pressure from some friends and it definitely wasn’t suiting him or his mood. Myself and my husband decided to make the drastic decision and move him from his school and county to complete his final year as he was studying for his leaving certificate. It was a huge move for all of us, but I felt my son was in big trouble. He was very unhappy with the our decision and he became very down ,we were very worried about him but still felt that we had made the right decision to move him. One day he asked me if I could take him to the doctor which I of course did and after his consultation the doctor spoke to me and said he was depressed and recommended anti-depressants, this really wasn’t a route that I wanted my son to take as I felt it was not going to get to the root of the problem. I was extremely worried and distraught at this stage and as I have a great belief in homeopathy I asked him would he please give it a try before I filled the prescription for the anti-depressants. He wasn’t at all convinced or interested but somehow he agreed to let me bring him to see Pauline. After a lot of persuading to see Pauline, all I can say is that now after a few short months, I have my wonderful,happy, confident son back from the brink. As I write this he is sitting the leaving certificate and is a very relaxed and non-stressed state. I cannot thank Pauline enough for her wonderful work with my son, she was so warm and caring and gave him so much time. She is such a good listener and was so kind and understanding of my concerns too being a mom herself. I cannot recommend Pauline highly enough, she has saved my son’s life and mine too. I will be forever grateful to her.

J.Mc ( a very happy mom today ! )

Terror ~ ‘I was overwhelmed by her finds and their positive effects on me.’

I came to Pauline in a heightened state of terror. Forty six years of terror behind me. Five years of combined one on one and group- therapy had led me to understand terror. Four years of mindfulness based stress reduction had helped me with it without being overwhelmed by it…most of the time.
I had been conceived in Terror. My mother had been a victim of an abusing and terrorizing husband. I grew up in terror of the man who called himself my father. Terror that a misinterpreted heartbeat of mine, a misinterpreted blink of an eye, a missed breath, would unleash sheer physical, mental and financial abuse on my mother. Every relationship I have had has been a variation of the same tune. A senior counsellor labelled my child’s father through what had been done to me, what was left of me, labelled him a sociopath. I was terrorised by the Maestro.
I reached out to Pauline in a heightened state of terror sparked by the announced visit of the Maestro. A visit that was a threat to my child, that I knew the law would not impeach.. ‘He hasn’t done anything …yet’.

Pauline listened to me intently, actively, always GENTLY. She looked into every nook and cranny of her expertise as a homeopath, as a human being. She spotted the fabric of me, the homeopathic profile of me. She chose the remedies I would take.

I was overwhelmed by her finds and their positive effects on me. They enabled the healing of me, feeling myself re-emerging gently. I could feel the gentle nudge of the remedies reminding my fabric of its resilience, its resolve, its intent to not only survive, but to live.
I reached out to Pauline in a state of heightened terror, Terror knew me. I know Terror. Terror is not me. I am learning enjoying letting my self be. I am allowing myself to love and to be loved and I am enjoying the most of it .I’m learning, mostly enjoying making new friends. I’m learning, mostly enjoying letting myself grow, letting myself go. Pauline, thank you for not helping. Thank you for ENABLING. Thank you for showing me the healer I can be for myself. Thank you for being the homeopath you are, Thank you for being.

Sam,46yrs, Dublin

 Rheumatoid Arthritis    “I can now use my hands well and have a very good quality of life ..”

” I was diagnosed  with rheumatoid arthritis in my arm and hands two years ago and was suffering with pain and inflammation for some time. I was prescribed the drug Methotrexate which is a very strong medication , I was very wary of the side-effects of Methotrexate which include a lowering of the immune system and serious side effects on the liver so I decided to look into an alternative treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis and went to Pauline O’Reilly to see if homeopathy could help my rheumatoid arthritis  . I thought it was worth a try  if I could avoid taking the methotrexate for as long as possible. She prescribed me a homeopathic remedy which I take most weeks  and as I need it. That was two years ago and it has worked very well for me  and I am very happy with the treatment. It is gentle and has no side effects and I am able to play golf and I can now use my hands well  and have I a very good quality of life. I am really delighted and relieved not to have gone down the methotrexate route and for my condition to be improved and stabilized. I would highly recommend a consultation with Pauline to see if she can help you too.  

PMO, Female, 73 yrs . Meath 

Back pain & Leg pain ~  ‘ I can stand and walk with NO pain ….this to me was a miracle ! ‘

I had been suffering from a debilitating back and leg condition for almost a year.  I tried everything – medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage to name a few and to no avail.  To be honest, I also tried some homeopathy on my own, but nothing worked.  I was about to give up when I thought to meet with a professional homeopath, Pauline O’Reilly. At just one meeting, Pauline recommended a remedy protocol that was nothing less than brilliant.  Almost as soon as I began a prescribed three day regime, I got very achy and my pains seemed to increase.  I thought I was getting the flu that was going around, never thinking it could have been a good sign – a healing aggravation, they call it. …A day after I stopped taking the remedy, I couldn’t believe it.  I was back to normal – back to where I was over a year ago – a full year ago!  I could stand and walk with NO pain.  This, to me, was a miracle.  I am ever so grateful to Pauline for her listening to me and her spot-on assessment of what I needed.

 Kate S.  70yr

Severe Constipation- impacted stool -abdominal pain   ” Colonoscopy day came .. My bowel was clean with nothing in it !..”

Last March I  started having intestinal problems with temperatures, hard stools alternating with soft stools and abdominal pains , noises inside abdomen with no appetite. All these symptoms except the temperatures continued for next 2 months. In this time I changed my diet, tried to eat more fruit and vegetables and drink more water but nothing improved my condition.  Always I was having that pain when palpating abdomen, a sadness and feeling worried all the time with no appetite. 

At some point I got a severe abdominal pain which make me go to hospital. The doctor took an x ray and we could see severe impacted stool, they diagnosed severe constipation of the ascending bowel. They prescribed me a 2 week cure of powder laxatives and advised to eat fruit and veg and drink more water. I started 8 sachets a day for first three days and then less. Two weeks later I was feeling the same so I tried to make an appointment for a colonoscopy to see what was wrong inside me but couldn’t be seen for 3 months.

In the meantime I was getting worse until suddenly one  day a strong abdominal pain sent me straight to the emergency department. Never in my life had I such a pain like that!  The Doctors  did another x ray and told me the situation looked worse than the first time with severe impaction. Again they prescribed a strong laxatives with powder, syrup and pills. The chemist was scared of the quantity that I was supposed to take.. 12-14 sachets, 3 x 5ml syrup and 2 pills before going to bed. I did this for 6 or 7 days and I gave up as I felt worse and didn’t see any improvement at all. Instead I felt very intensive pain, abdominal movement, noises and discomfort. My sadness continued.

I decided to try something different and went to see Homeopath Pauline O’Reilly who had helped my daughter . After the first consultation she prescribed  homeopathic drops to be diluted in water for a couple of weeks. Honestly I had my doubts but the improvements showed up after the second day. I was surprised how fast the drops worked and I happily continued with the drops for the next 3 weeks. Definitely I was feeling better, the palpating pain and sadness disappeared, there was good improvements in my intestines, stool was more normal. So at the second meeting I asked Pauline to give me some more drops, I was feeling better but just to be sure it was all gone. Finally the colonoscopy day came and the doctor saw inside my bowel NOTHING!!! My bowel was clean with nothing in it ! What the doctors couldn’t cure in six months Pauline did in 3 weeks ! For those who have doubts about homeopathy , it really works ! I would definitely contact her again for me and my family if we are having problems … Hopefully not !

Marius A. Male, 29yrs


Childhood Trauma       “I am ready to move forward in my life now “.

“Pauline O’Reilly has been my Homeopath for the last two and a half years. My daughter recommended that I see Pauline. I understood that homeopathy heals the whole person and I really believe that it was the right direction for me to go in. I came to Pauline with a lot of baggage from childhood trauma that I carried into my adult life. I am so grateful that I took my daughters advice because I have made huge progress since starting homeopathy and healed my past , I am ready to move forward with my life now.

During this time I have found Pauline very professional in the work she does, she is also a very compassionate and caring person. She truely believes in the work that she does and so do I. I want to take this opportunity to thank Pauline for all she has done for me, for all the times she listened to me  and for recommending the right homeopathic remedies. I would highly recommend Pauline O’Reilly to anyone who is seeking a good Homeopathic Practitioner.  

Marie F. Dublin 



Learning and emotional difficulties in children ~” Confident & happy in himself “

As my son entered adolescence and found the move from national school to a large secondary school hard , we also discovered he was dyslexic and also colour-blind and had a number of idosyncracies – smells and certain things upset him. Pauline took his case and worked with him since and he is like a new boy these days , confident and happy in  himself . We are delighted ! 

LM  14yrs Dublin 7 

Family Homeopath             ‘ honestly a lifesaver’!

We have used Pauline as our family homeopath for the past 15 years and found her to be fantastic in her profession and helped us through all stages of family life from pregnancy for myself any hormonal and stress issues I was going through and then when the three boys came along taking their cases when problems, illnesses or trauma  arose for the boys throughout their their developmental stages. I found Pauline very easy to open up to and the remedies prescribed to be precise and work quickly and stays with the case until successful conclusion . I would recommend Pauline as honestly a lifesaver !

L M. Dublin 

Chest and ear infections ~  ‘Has not had antibiotics since homeopathic treatment ‘

My son had a difficult birth process and was blue when born , he suffered reflux and had a number of ear and chest infections when teething . Before he was nine months old he’d had nine courses of antibiotics and at this stage was becoming bronchial . We went to Pauline for homeopathy at this stage and  he has not had any antibiotics in ten years since homeopathic treatment  and no longer suffers from chest or ear infections  and is a very healthy boy . 

EK Dublin 

 Bladder problems, sleep problems.   ‘ a feeling of ease…improvement in sleep ‘

 ”After  the third consultation with Pauline    my  response to everything was great , I wasn’t uptight about anything , I really would have to  go back a long way to have that feeling of ease  like  when I was a teenager ! I am responding to situations much better, I’m more interested in life ,  the improvement in my sleep must be part of it  and the fact that I am not getting up so many times a night with my bladder. ”

 Pat C  74 yrs,   Male,  Dublin 

 Chronic Eye infections- Blepharitis ~ Anxiety

‘..my eyes no longer feel raw, gritty or dry and they don’t get red like they used to…. I’m much more relaxed..’

I originally went to see Pauline as I have a chronic eye infection called chronic Blepharitis.  My eyes felt raw, gritty, very very dry, they were red, the eyelids were red and sometimes I found it difficult to focus.  I had been to several Doctors who prescribed antibiotics and steroid eye drops which worked for a couple of weeks but the infections returned.  I was desperate. I wanted to find someone to help me, help my body to fight the infection.  Pauline has prescribed several remedies for me , my eyes are healing, the remedies are fighting the infection.  My eyes no longer feel raw, gritty or dry and they don’t get red like they used to.  I’m now feeling much more relaxed as I know I’m on the mend, even my sister noticed the difference – I’m not as ‘hyper’.  I haven’t taken any steroid drops since attending Pauline.  It’s wonderful.  She’s also treated me for severe shock when a family member died suddenly.  I now feel like ‘me’ again.

I’m still attending Pauline.  I’m a worry wort, I get stressed.  I trust her, she listens and I know she will do everything she can to help me with any problems I’m having.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking help.  God doesn’t always grant miracles but when I met Pauline He knew she would help me.  I thank God for her.  May He continue to bless her and keep her safe.

FMA , Female 63yrs, Dublin


‘Transforming how I am living my life today’… ‘Prevented  invasive medical procedure’ .   

“Pauline was always kind, gentle , caring, patient, understanding and very empathic while waiting for my story to unfold. Her knowledge , guidance and remedies have played a huge part transforming how I am living my life today. I don’t claim to fully understand homeopathy but for me it has definitely worked , opening up my world, helping me to manage situations, anxieties and relationships from a better , more grounded and integrated place. More recently Pauline had prescribed a remedy for me that has prevented me from having to have a very invasive medical procedure as suggested by my GP, and the validity of that I genuinely cannot argue with “.  

  38yrs , Female,   Dublin 

Mental and Emotional Balance             ‘Profound and lasting results… exceptional’ 

I attended a consultation with Pauline to help me to regain mental & emotional balance.  Pauline was instrumental in supporting me during this time & recommended remedies that allowed this journey to unfold naturally & in a way that was healing & balancing for my emotional & mental health.  I continued to attend consultations regularly after this as I found Pauline to be very compassionate and knowledgeable and the remedies she recommended (prescribed) worked on many levels with profound and lasting results.  I would highly recommend attending a consultation with Pauline as she is skilled in dealing with such a wide variety of both physical, emotional & mental issues & her ability to recommend (prescribe) homeopathic remedies that work gently to rebalance & support the mind, body & spirit is exceptional.

D. McConville, Dublin 

 ‘From frozen shoulders & calf injuries to acute stress & anxiety ….. Really positive results’ 

Pauline has been my homeopath for the last 10 years. Pauline has worked with me on a number of injuries and illnessess from frozen shoulders and  calf injuries to acute Stress and anxiety and always with really positive results. Pauline is a very gentle and caring person but fiercely determined when working to find the right remedy . Pauline offers great support following consultations and is always on hand to answer any follow- up queries or concerns. One of Pauline’s great gifts is that she always has time to listen and make people feel very much at ease in her presence. A great homeopath and a great person who I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a holistic approach to everyday illnessess. 

Jimmy B,  50’s , Co.Dublin 

Allergies & Hayfever ~  ‘My allergies seem to be a thing of the past ‘.

I’ve had allergy problems for years and years.I got hayfever in the summer with  sneezing and  head cold symptoms. A walk in the countryside was just one big sneeze. I also had  an allergy to dogs, I couldnt go near them , my eyes would  stream and swell. My other allergy was dust I’d get sneeze attacks that would last for 10 minutes .This was becoming quite a  problem as a lot of the activities I do involve running and being outdoors. My wife was also very keen to get a dog and although I love dogs the reality of a streaming nose and puffy eyes  spelled out misery for me . A friend recommended thatI go and see homeopath Pauline O’Reilly and my hayfever  really improved pretty much straight from the start , infact I didn’t get any hayfever  in July at all which is usually my worst month . My sneezing  has calmed down in general and I don’t seem to have any bad bouts of sneezing  that would take me over, the itchy eyes and hayfever symptoms have practically disappeared ! My confidence also  improved which wasn’t something I was expecting !  From that my mood lifted and I do feel happier with myself, with life  and to top it all  we got a  dog six months ago! My allergies seem to be a thing of the past . I am really very grateful to Pauline for sorting out my allergies and hayfever, the quality of my life has really improved   !

Anthony Walshe, 34yrs,  Dublin  7

Recurrent Prostatitis    “symptoms never re-occurred and it was such a relief..”

        ” After 4 years without a homeopathic consultation since moving to Dublin, I attended Pauline because of a recurrent Prostatitis that was treated previously with antibiotics but had recurred within 6 months. I found myself very comfortable at my first consultation,where I was able to take my time to talk to her about my symptoms and other health history. She prescribed some homeopathic medicine and some drops and after the second consultation the prostatitis was gone, the symptoms never re-occurred and it was such a relief. I’ve done Homeopathy since I was 10 years old and I can say that Pauline is a 100% reliable Homeopath.

Ignacio, 34yrs


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