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Homeopathy is a wonderful,  gentle system of medicine that can be used from the moment of conception, throughout your pregnancy , during and after your labour. Throughout the ups and downs of childhood homeopathy can be used to treat  babies , children & teenagers  gently raising their vitality and calming their symptoms .  

Childhood is a perfect time to introduce your child to homeopathy as the immune system is still developing. It helps boost your Child’s immune system making them less susceptible to illness and infection and can treat your child whilst ill. All children are exposed to bacteria and viruses but a child with a strong immune system will recover quickly from an illness , a child with a weakened immune system is more vulnerable to colds, flu or more serious illness. Whilst antibiotics have their merits, many illnesses respond quickly and gently to homeopathic remedies without resorting to antibiotics and their unwanted side-effects. 

” In a pilot study in children suffering from glue ear treated with homeopathy   75% had normal tympanogram (Health test  of middle ear)  compared to 31% in the group treated with conventional medicine ”    

( Research compiled by the Irish Society of Homeopaths.)

Homeopathy can be used in infancy 

 Many parents want a gentler approach to the health of their child that does not compromise their immune system. As many orthodox medicines cannot be used during pregnancy it can be a time when women experience the value of homeopathy for the first time. Babies  and infants respond quickly to homeopathy, common complaints  easily treated are colic, reflux, teething, sticky eyes, skin rashes, coughs and colds, sleep difficulties. It can help discontented and nervous babies and demanding babies who are clingy and never want to be put down.

Cut the cycle of Recurrent illnesses in children

In an attempt to give their children the best care possible parents can find themselves giving one course of antibiotics after another for relatively minor complaints when homeopathy may deal with these common illnesses gently and effectively. Whilst antibiotics are powerful, they lower the body’s defence and so a cycle is set up where the body cannot defend itself naturally against illness due to a lowered immunity. Recurrent illnesses alongside recurrent antibiotics set up a cycle resulting in ongoing poor health. The antibiotic treats the infection but not the underlying susceptibility to the complaint. It is not uncommon for me to treat babies and children that have had multiple antibiotics to treat recurring complaints such as chest infections, tonsilitis , glue ear . Homeopathy addresses the child’s susceptibility to illness  and strengthens defenses against illness. The once sickly child strengthens and becomes more robust .   

 ”  Seven out of ten children receiving homeopathy for Otitis media ( ear infections)  did not have another ear infection the next year compared with  five in ten of the conventional medicine group. In the group receiving homeopathy only five out of 103 children needed antibiotics “.    

 ( Research compiled by the Irish Society of Homeopaths.)

homeopathy for children and teenagers

Treating Emotional and Mental difficulties in children & teenagers with homeopathy

It can be very upsetting when your child  does not appear to be coping well whether it be at home ,school or with friends. Emotional states such as anxiety and fear can be common in childhood . Low confidence levels coupled with shyness a child can easily fall behind both socially and mentally. Being bullied or bullying behaviour is commonly treated. Anxiety in young children is very common and  I regularly  treat children with anxiety who have  pains in their tummies every day before school or worries when starting something new, nerves getting the better of them at every turn . A good homeopathic remedy at this stage of life may help prevent these anxieties  becoming the norm for the child resulting in that common statement  made frequently in later life ~  ‘I was always a worrier’ . 

” She skipped into school ” !  
7yr old girl suffering from anxiety for 6 months going in to school ~ 2 days after homeopathic treatment .  

Timidity and fear , anger and defiance , grief and sadness , jealousy and hatred,   these are all emotions that many children and teenagers experience . Many hide it from their families,  others are aware something is up with their child but don’t know how to help , indeed many  don’t know why they are the way they are ~the just are ! As homeopaths we don’t need to know the why all of the time , we just need to know what the feelings are. A well selected homeopathic remedy along with helpful support may help move their emotions into a more positive place , help dissolve anxieties and change the  direction towards a happier place .

“In a trial of 115 hyperactive patients between 3 and 17years of age showed a 73% clinical improvement after homeopathic treatment ” (research compiled by The Irish Society of Homeopaths ).

Other common childhood symptoms that I treat with homeopathy are ;  

  • Bed wetting

  • Bullying

  • low confidence

  • school-phobia

  • temper tantrums

  • sibling rivalry

  • disruptive/aggressive behaviour

  • concentration problems

  • night terrors , nightmares

  • sleeping problems

  •  stressful situations

  • Children who are on the autistic spectrum may benefit greatly from homeopathic treatment.

    I generally like to have a conversation with the parent or guardian on the phone prior to the first consultation . This is to get an idea of your child’s issues and behaviour beforehand and to be aware of any background information that might be difficult for your child to express. I want to be  sensitive to the needs of your child to ensure they are  comfortable and happy in the consultation.  


  • See  Testimonials for more info on treating young people. 

  Treating Teenagers with homeopathy 

What we all want for our teenage children is for them to be happy and confident facing the challenges of these years with youthful enthusiasm.  

Although the teenage years is an exciting time , many teenagers suffer from the pressures that these years can bring. Mounting pressures of school work and exams , social peer pressures can be difficult to deal with,  difficulties coping with problems at home, adjusting to big changes  are all common issues faced by teenagers today . Coupled with many physical and hormonal changes it can truly be a time of highs and lows. Homeopathy can  help support teenagers emotionally through this challenging time of their life .

 Supports and calms emotions 

Unfortunately young people are not immune to grief and trauma and indeed can experience these feelings on a very deep level . This can have a knock on effect on study with poor concentration and spaced out feelings  causing more stress with exams looming .Homeopathy can be a great support when your son or daughter seems not to be coping and you just dont know what to do.  Homeopathy can help calm their emotions that grief and loss can bring and help them recover and get back to their true selves to reach their full potential.

 Hormonal changes 

Hormonal changes can affect teenagers emotionally ranging from  mood swings  to suicidal thoughts. Common physical  symptoms like teenage acne and problem skin, period problems can in turn affect a young person’s happiness levels dramatically and result in poor confidence and awkwardness. Mood swings and anger bouts often-times parents and teenagers are at a loss to know what to do in these turbulent situations , homeopathy may be the gentle answer to help support during these hormonal times.

Other common  emotional complaints that may benefit from homeopathic treatment are

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